Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday night blues.

I really wish project runway would stop freezing. Excuse me? I'm trying to watch you! even if Oliver is a total fattist.

Speaking of freezing and fat, I could really use some ice cream right now. But my to-do list #2 prohibits that. I did, however, make a brown rice, salmon and peas dinner.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

to do list

1. purchase new toliet seat.
2. lose 30 lbs.
3. become her.

Because... I will deserve it one day.


snuck into his concert and then he got us the tickets.  brilliant.

and for some reason we deserved it.

Buon divertimento kids!

Buon appetito! Enjoy your meal!
Buon compleanno! Happy birthday!
Buon divertimento! Have fun!
Buona domenica! Have a nice Sunday!
Buona fortuna! Good luck!
Buona giornata! Have a nice day!
Buon lavoro! Enjoy your work!
Buon viaggio! Have a nice trip!
Buon week-end! Have a nice weekend!

Since I copied and pasted these phrases I deserve to get at least a B in italian.