Thursday, December 29, 2011

fresh and new!

Matt and I are in the process of completely gutting out our old rooms at our parents homes. Last night we got close to finishing Matt's room and decided to take two of his big shelves! Our studio is not very big so lots of things were trashed so we can actually fit it in our space. It was so fun going through matt's books. We kept all our favorites and the classics that we want to share with our kids someday. I realized that I love reading and need to read again for fun. (school usually dictates what I have to read). So in honor of the new year I bought some books off amazon. These will be my first two reads

Bel canto is a murder mystery involving an opera singer. (fabulous). and Tina fey is one of my favorite women ever. 

I'll show you the new shelves when we get them here. 

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