Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I love making goals, to-do lists and plans. Maybe to a fault. I love planning out every little detail even by the hour when I have vacations.  Being a control freak is very relaxing for me. I love long term, short term   and forever term goals. So in honor of goals I will share my short term (next 4 weeks) and long term goals (2012).

For my short term goals:

1. Go to christmas in the park with my man (It's only 4 blocks away)
2. Make christmas cookies
3. Create and Print and send Christmas cards
4. Combine Matt and Mine's bank accounts
5. Clean out my old room at my parents (It's only half done)
6. Go to the Temple and see Rachel sing with Zion's choir
7. Deep Clean my home
8. Go to Vegas for New Years
9.  Frame a 2012 to-do list
10. Charge camera and start taking pictures.
11. finally connect printer...

For Long Term throughout 2012 (22 before 22)
1. Take a Photo everyday
2. Blog Everyday (Seems ambitious but I used to write in my journal everyday)
3. For one week run everyday (See, not so ambitious)
4. Discover a new feel good band 
5.Try ethiopian food
6. Lose 10 pounds
7. Complete accutane...yuck.
8. Master a new aria
9. Pass all classes
10. Fix sewing machine
11. Volunteer at Natural harvest food bank at least once
12. Donate Blood
13. Learn to cook a new meal staple. (like fried rice)
14. Ride my bike to school at least twice a week
15. Learn to brush my teeth with my left hand
16. Go Hiking 
17. Take French over the summer
18. Dress up at least once a week
19. Go on one bike party trek
20. Go to SF opera as much as possible
21. Perform Senior Recital
22. Visit Alison in SF

Now these seem like a really fun year! And most are attainable. Today's goals...

1. Do dishes
2. sweep
3. teach voice lessons
4. Learn a strauss art song.

So here I go, onto a better life! 

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