Sunday, December 18, 2011

my sad skin

Today I sang at a random presbyterian church. Some lady pulled a hair off my face and after seeing the dry skin that came off my face she brushed her hands off in disgust.

Excuse me?

Why are you touching my face?

I have never met you, and obviously am having major skin problems.

Some people need boundaries.

But of course being the kind person i am (or just remembering I'm here for the money), I said nothing and excused myself to the bathroom where I washed my hands and put some water on my face.

My skin is really sad. I'm on accutane which dries out my skin and has a bunch of other nasty side effects.  This medicine is killer. I feel 40 years older. To get semi-graphic when I put  lotion on, my skin starts bleeding. I take this medicine with the promise that my cystic acne will disappear.

My mom said the sweetest thing to me. "You're skin is looking really good!". I wanted to cry right then and there. I love that woman. I'm glad we've become such good friends.

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  1. My kids used Accutane, too. It worked.

    But it wasn't easy. Lots of Aquaphor was used.