Tuesday, December 11, 2012

things I'm looking forward to

1. Rachel coming home
a. cookie making
b. les mis
c. just hanging out in real life instead of online
2. crafting
a. turning my christmas ornaments into fake flowers/with feathers and conducting batons (more on that later)
b. making an office supply box with toilet paper rolls and a shoe box
c. maybe attempt to use my sewing machine for once?
3. Re-decorating
a. moving matts karate trophies to a box (as per request)
b. getting the microwave a shelf so there is more space in the kitchen
c. re-organizing my side of the closet and under the bed
4. cleaning this little place
5. taking naps
6. taking polisci... maybe not looking forward to it so much...
7. Bike rides!
8. hikes!
9. running another 5k on new years with my sister (older one who is married to taylor).
10. Getting my hair died to match my roots! woot!

The Last day of the semester

Well this is awkward. I decided that my blog needed an update and when I go to see the last time I made an entry its called "The first day of the semester". It makes a lot of sense. This semester has been a bit overwhelming but never to the point of a breakdown. Everyday I had time to go to school, teach and then come home to do homework, and answer work emails. HA! what a life! At least I study something I love and Teach what I love too. Can't get better than that.

This semester was quite joyous with the addition of two free days for myself. I named wednesday work out day and made sure not to teach any lessons. I went to a Bootcamp class on campus that really kicked my butt. Fridays were no-work and no school day. Mostly this was when I did my required volunteer work for my Child development class. Or Matt and I would do laundry or dishes. But sometimes we would go on a long bike ride and those were my favorite Fridays.

I think one of the major highlights of this semester was thanksgiving week.

Tuesday- Free tickets to Peter Pan with Kathy Rigby
Thursday- ran (the whole time) a 5k with my voice teacher and choir director
Friday- Sang with Andrea Bocelli
Saturday- Went to SF Opera with my sweetheart to see Tosca! BALLER SEATS.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First day of the semester.

Today was so fabulous, and there are so many reasons why! I think life was this fabulous before but accutane put a little veil over everything! Whats up with that?

1. Getting a souvenir from Japan courtesy of my choir buddy from last year. It was the sweetest thing to get on the first day back to school! Her Dad and brothers live in Japan and she lives with her mom here.  She is such an amazing piano player and I'm so blessed to know her. I love sweet tokens from people like this. The fact that she thought of me during the summer truly warms my heart.

2. I'll be singing in the chorus for the Andrea Bocelli concert in November at the HP Pavilion. I honestly don't listen to him BUT I'm way beyond excited to be his back-up singer. Well one of many back up singers but hey, this is awesome.

3. I learned how to make pie crust from scratch from my dear friend Alison's Mom. She made such a fancy, gourmet, dinner and it was quite inexpensive!

Here is her recipe

Take some flour, use 3/4 a stick of butter, add some water and a little salt. Mix it together until it forms like dough. put it in the fridge for 20 min, and then take it out to roll and then bake it.

THIS IS MY KIND OF RECIPE! The fact that all these fun things happened today really made the first day of school a breeze!

Friday, August 17, 2012

summer list updated!

First a List of Dates,

1. Bike to Sleepy Hollow and have a picnic while gazing upon all the zoo animals.
2. Get Sashimi from the Japanese Grocery store down the street...Sushi night!
3. Bike to the children's discovery Museum, have a picnic in the park out front.
4. Nixon In China (sf Opera)
5.Magic Flute (SF Opera a birthday gift from Matt and I's close friends Matt and Dave)
6.Beethovens 9th (SF Symphony) and we saw it for free! at stern grove they through a free concert series. That was so packed we sat slanted on a hill of rocks just to see this piece. Crazzy!
7. Watch Othello at home, maybe I'll make it an O night. with Oringina and Oregano, and Opium? naww
8. Go swimming somewhere, sometime.
9. Watch 5 seasons of the OC with him.three was enough!

Now things I really really really want to get done, on Me time
1. Plant a garden on my porch/find indoor plants too!
2. fix my sewing machine so I can use my old clothes and turn them into pillows!
3. Paint old frames and rearrange my current pictures
4. Bike AT LEAST 10 times this summer. So far I have 2 down. now its 7 down! three more to go!
5. Maybe Start a quilt with the craft group at relief society? sounds amazing!

Things coming up...
1. Becca's Baby shower (had work. ):
2.Wendy's Graduation Party(had work again ):
3. Sarah's Grad/her dads b-day party
4. My Social problems online Class  Got a B! One more down on my (what feels like) never-ending list to graduation
5.kay Hollands Funeral. ): so glad i went to this. I ended up playing prelude and postlude. It's great when talants can be used for something meaningful.

It was a big list that did not get completed. Sad sad day. ):

BUT what got done instead?

- We purchased a new mattress and our backs don't hurt any more!
-We fixed matts car's scratch and when I say we I mean he and his papa.
-We went to an A's game and watched the fireworks
-We got to see both of Matts buds who are in the Navy and Airforce.
-We got to see my uncle and meet his family. He lives in Germany once again for the Airforce and he had two kids that I had never even met.
- We ate peppers from my garden
-We found a new tv show or two on Netflix that we love!
- Matt got a student and advertized ferociously for his bass and guitar studio he's starting up!
- I quit taking my accutane, via drs orders, so my organs wouldn't fail. Most likely I'll have to start up again one day, but for now the break is amazing.
-We went to Fremonts art and wine festival and found the best sweet potato pie we've ever had.
- Best of all we celebrated our One Year anniversary!

It's been a fabulous summer!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Feeling reflective

One day Matt and I were about to go grocery shopping. We both spotted a shelf turned on its side, right outside our apartments, with a FREE sign on it. I said something along the lines of I bet that would fit in our studio. We chuckled and went to the car. Matt hesitated to open his car door and said, "That really would go perfect in our place!" Mind you, this was a long time ago and I don't remember the specific dialogue. What I do remember is acting on that instinct and we both moved the shelf into our place. It fit perfectly and is much safer than the wall shelf that was left by the previous owner.
Was that shelf fitting so perfectly really a coincidence? I don't think so. Some days you are blessed with what you need. Some days I feel so grateful. We don't have a very big place, but the fact that we do have a place makes me so glad. A year ago getting an apartment felt impossible. To think, we haven't had a problem paying for rent or paying for my school. That is a blessing. It's so tempting to move away when I see rent half the size of ours but for apartments triple the size of ours. When school is done for me dec 2013 I bet we will move. Matt will get his masters while I work, and then we'll trade.

For now, we are blessed. I've never been this happy. Matt is so good to me. The more grateful I am the more content and patient I feel. I'm ready to start a full load in august along with my new music teaching job. I'm glad that new doors keep opening up!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

the laziest of days

I woke up today and declared it my laziest of summer days. I have no work, the laundry can be put off one more day, and I can do what ever I want. (I haven't even gotten out of my pjs!) I find myself today making lesson plans, re-writing/updating my music bio for my new jobs website, and answering parent emails from my private studio. I'll probably do some readings for my online class soon.
I've heard that what you do when you can do whatever you want defines who you are. I like that. That means I don't care much about my appearance, but I care for my studio and my education? Not always, but definitely today.

Btw, My garden is growing like crazy. Tis the season for zucchini! 

Looking forward to this  next week with my sister! I'll be looking for a new planner or notebook, any artwork that's cheap enough, and gifts if anything stands out. I loved it so much when Alison took me. I just can't wait to go and get inspired! 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Burri updates!

Bluebeards castle at SF, for free (for us). 
Sprinkles with Rachel! Chocolate peanut butter is my recommendation. Old school cupcake lovin'.

Recording session for Brent Heisinger's new arrangement of Gershwin Jazz standards. 

Fourth of July with my baby. 
Featuring some lady in the back who decided to photo-bomb us with her grimace.

The Outdoor premiere of Brent's piece! Glad the wind didn't blow away my music!

The start of my cute garden. So far we are growing oregano, peppers, squash, zucchini, and tomatoes! My hydrangeas aren't doin' so hot, probably because of the heat. 

My new shoes for my job interview!  I'm now a music teacher at San Jose Music Academy!
Thanks cute shoes. 

Matt and I , and Matt's dad went to visit Matt's grandma. We ate burgers at this park/community center in sunnyvale that literally has blue water. Apparently the blue kills the algae. Hope it doesn't kill these ducks! 

Friday, June 22, 2012


When I was in middle school I was obsessed with the idea of my life being a musical. When people would ask me, "Do you like performing in musicals?" I'd say "My life is a musical." Yes, I was that kid; slightly pretentious with good intentions.
Now as I am getting older I'm realizing that my life is still a musical. It's amazing how talents and passions lead you to fun adventures. Currently my love of music has not only fueled my want for a college degree or two, but it has payed for it (along with generous help from my parents at the start). Teaching Piano and Voice has payed for more education on music. Without music I wouldn't have my dear husband. While we have some differing opinions on music, it keeps things exciting and we rarely run out of things to talk about.
Last week Matt and I went to John Adam's Nixon in China. It's a contemporary opera about (obviously) Nixon being in China. Contemporary opera is a lot like contemporary art. It's minimalist, quite distant, and without seeing the score it's hard to appreciate. Most of the time I can't stand it. I hate the idea of elitist art. Art should be understood by anyone, so as to spark interest and then the studying can begin. John Adams, however, can play to both audiences; those who want an educated elitist performance, and those who like music. It was quite a strange opera but I found my self wide-eyed looking over to matt to see if he just heard the same amazing chord that I heard.
Last night Matt text me at 5 asking if I wanted to go to the San Francisco Symphony. His bass coach for sfyo had extra ticket to Bluebeard's Castle. This by far was one of the strangest operas I have seen. Bluebeard's castle is necessarily an average opera. It's on stage with SFS, there are only two characters and its only a little over an hour. It's a pretty cool tale if you have the time to read about it.

As for future concerts, I'm really looking forward to The Magic Flute.

As for Free concerts, SFS has a free concert in the park AND they're playing Beethoven's 9th!!!

And much later in the year SF opera is has a free concert in the sf giants park each year. COUNT ME IN. Especially when they're going to be showing Rigoletto!

Any who, Matt's coaching at a weeklong music camp this week, I've been applying for a music teaching job plus still teaching my own students.

I can't be grateful enough for what doors music has opened. I can't wait for the day where I can share this knowledge with a classroom full of teenagers who don't want to listen to me. HA! If I can give what I have received then thats all that matters.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Goals for this summer

First a List of Dates,

1. Bike to Sleepy Hollow and have a picnic while gazing upon all the zoo animals.
2. Get Sashimi from the Japanese Grocery store down the street...Sushi night!
3. Bike to the children's discovery Museum, have a picnic in the park out front.
4. Nixon In China (sf Opera)
5.Magic Flute (SF Opera a birthday gift from Matt and I's close friends Matt and Dave)
6.Beethovens 9th (SF Symphony)
7. Watch Othello at home, maybe I'll make it an O night. with Oringina and Oregano, and Opium? naww
8. Go swimming somewhere, sometime.
9. Watch 5 seasons of the OC with him.

Now things I really really really want to get done, on Me time
1. Plant a garden on my porch/find indoor plants too!
2. fix my sewing machine so I can use my old clothes and turn them into pillows!
3. Paint old frames and rearrange my current pictures
4. Bike AT LEAST 10 times this summer. So far I have 2 down.
5. Maybe Start a quilt with the craft group at relief society? sounds amazing!

Things coming up...
1. Becca's Baby shower
2.Wendy's Graduation Party
3. Sarah's Grad/her dads b-day party
4. My Social problems online Class
5.kay Hollands Funeral. ):

Today I did Laundry. Because that's what I needed to do.

I love summer. (:

Friday, June 1, 2012

Back to blogging land!


I'm pretty disappointed that my last entry says that I promise to upload photos tomorrow, especially considering it's been almost half a year.  My excuse? Accutane and my education. I am proud to announce that I have passed Music Theory 3a/b this semester and the rest of my classes too!

Here's an update on my life the last couple months. Tony the Tiger came to SJSU! Taylor brought me home on his motorcycle one day after school. That was awesome. I had Marilyn Monroe hair for the Opera.  Matt played in the orchestra and I sang in the choir for a joint concert at school. For Allens b-day and Tay's graduation we went to the A's baseball game and got to watch fireworks on the field after!

Last is a picture of my bike. So glad to finally bring it back to my real home! 

Let the summer blogging begin! 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I promise I will upload photos tomorrow but for now, I want to share some lovely inspiration I have found on the world wide web. I really have learned (finally) how to search and find pictures and blogs I like.
Here is a lovely living room. I cannot believe the simplicity and excellent use of bright colors. 
One day I'll have a coffee table. 
Here's some inspiration for my bathroom. love the colors! 
we already happen to have yellow tile in the shower. 
look at my cousin Michelle's baby! So pretty. 
my cousin Angie is an amazing photographer.
So very fitting to my life right now. 
Inspirational indeed.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jan 13


just had to get that out. I got to go see my amazing sister once again perform her guts out.

and all I got a picture of was this. Yes we are in a high school bathroom. Yes my mom was laughing in this picture. Yes she thinks I'm crazy. Yes I am wearing glasses with no lenses. Yes I did see some of the people I have gotten jobs from in my weird eyewear. (there are no lenses I can see everything). Yes my husband said "Lets get you some ones with lenses at least if you are going to fake it."

Friday, January 13, 2012

Jan 12

January 12 was an awesome day. First of all my parents celebrated their 27th anniversary! How awesome is that?  Matt and I slept in and and then went to get my accutane but had some technical problems with the pharmacy. I was a frustrated lady while Matt kept making jokes and making me smile. After that we were going to go grocery shopping butttt we ended up using our gift card to outback instead! YUM. 
We then decided to use our gift card to see's as well and in the days that followed we destroyed that innocent box. After our Linner we went to My dear friend Sarah's house for some quality television (parks and rec, the office, and up all night) followed by one of my favorite games in the whole entire universe. 

Having a couples date with one of my best friends of middle school and high school was so fun. Finally getting to meet Eric in a setting other than our wedding or a big group was fantastic. Good choice sarah. I approve. I hate it when people say that. Like I was waiting for your approval all along? Get out of here! Anyways, the night was a blast and I hope we can get together during spring break.  (They go to school far far away).

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jan 11

 um, yum. This was one of Matt and I's wonderful self cooked meals. Parmesan tillapia with Brussel sprouts, and sunflower seed pesto pasta. YUM.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

jan 9 and 10

 My dear dear little sister (yes I know she's taller than me) turned 18 this week. What a crazy world. Here we are at Olive Garden (I'm taking the picture). I love that girl with all my heart. I will miss her If she ends up going away for college. I already miss her, she is a busy girl! I'm amazed at what she has accomplished. Love you sissy.
My mom had a hair appointment, and I was asked to watch this little angel. We had so much playing at the park. We also liked playing the game, "try to sneak rocks and grass into my mouth without Jen looking". And when I say we I mean she. 

And then this is me exercising. or not. But I did exercise this week. I went to a spinning class which was not as fun as I had anticipated (note spinning really means cycling) but was rewarding in the hours and day that followed.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Jan 8

Two of my Dad's greatest joys are in this picture. His family and watching football. How adorable is Emmie in this picture? She watches her Grandpa's every move.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Debt is the Devil.

 I really like our tiny home. I never ever ever thought I could live in a studio. But we looked at them anyway and that, my friends, it is one of the best financial decisions we have ever made.
 We are living below our means. About a third of our paycheck is rent, another third is saved, and the last third is what spend (give or take). We love cooking and once we discovered this, restaurant use went down significantly. However it is vacation and we do have the occasional lazy slip up. But we don't go in the hole for it!
 Last January was another story completely.
I was in major debt.
I had taxes, my car and my credit card all to pay off. I was paying for tuition and could not afford the car loan to my dad. I was being irresponsible with my money. I thought because I worked I deserved a car, and school and new clothes, and new things. I didn't realize that the loan from my dad was generous, had a low interest rate, and inturn, I was walking all over him.
In February Matt and I started talking about marriage. But before we even thought about getting married we needed a plan. Matt was not  in debt so at least we had that going for us. We figured out that we would need 2,000 a month to survive. That was including rent, laundry, utilities, car insurance, THE WORKS! With all my debt that was going to be hard to come by. I started working on my debt since marriage was my goal. I saved more than I spent. I only bought gas, and only food when necessary.
On April 16th Matt proposed! We wanted to get married right away but we still had the big gloomy cloud of debt hanging over us.
 One of our main goals was to get my car paid off. That had a lot to do with my parents saying they would not be there at the wedding if that car wasn't paid off. Sounds extreme, but it has been one of the greatest blessings and I am so thankful. Both of our cars are paid off in full! But I'm getting ahead of myself. I think at that time I had already paid off my credit card debt. I felt extremely guilty for spending that money I had not earned, and did not want to start our marriage with unreasonable bills.
To pay off this debt faster, I needed to make more money, and there it was, God answered my prayer. Twice.
 First my old voice teacher was planning on moving and needed to give her voice students homes. (sounds like stray cats or something). So starting in May she gave me her two of her group voice lesson students.
 I was so excited for that first lesson. Matt came over to my parents a bit before the lesson so we could hang out. It was about 30 min before the lesson and I drove matt to the lightrail station. I started heading back home, excited to teach two groups of 4.
And there it was, Gods plan.
As I was waiting at a red light, a big black truck rear-ended me. I pulled over with about 20 min before my lesson. My neck hurt from the impact and I was in pure shock. We called the cops and the guy in the truck just kept apologizing. He saw my engagement ring and asked when I was getting married.  I turned away from him and looked out all dramatically, "We were waiting to pay off this car and then we were going to set a date." He was silent for a while. I remember feeling bad about making everything so awkward so I made some joke about something. He kept saying this was his first accident. poor guy. I came to the lesson and only had about 15 minutes to teach a lesson that should have been an hour. I was devasted. What a great way to introduce myself to these new girls and parents. How embarrassed was I? I actually started crying when I started to explain what happened. Can you believe it? I cried and one of the new parents gave me a hug. Ugg I feel embarassed just thinking about.
 Any who all was not lost. Actually this car accident was one of the reasons we could get married sooner! If only I would have known this when that guy hit me! The insurance paid us off a big amount. My dad found a repair shop that would repair it cheaper. There was 1,000 left over and with that put on my car loan there was only 800 to go on paying it off.

Matt willingly and all prince charming like payed off the rest. And then and there we set a date.

I truely believe if you are trying to do something good, things will turn out. Paying off our debts was difficult but paid off in the end, big time.
As a side note the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Again and again we are reminded to pay off our debts and make it work with what we have. This talk by Ezra Taft Benson specifically talks about debt and I find it inspiring.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jan 7

By cleaning today we got to do this. (Not actually Matt's B-day)
Because of this. 

I felt a little like I was a big winner on storage wars. 

Jan 6

This is me. At the Dermatologist. Because... what else am I gonna do while I'm waiting?

The new shelves

I cannot tell you how excited I am today to get two big shelves from Matt's old room at his parents. My brother was super generous and offered his truck and help moving stuff. I'm really excited to have a place to show off what we like in our home. Matt's video games, Shel Silverstien, Nirvana collection, etc. Despite our clearly different taste in hobbies and music we actually love a lot of the same books.
We've yet to fill our cd collection shelf (Matt still has more to get from his room). But here's our start.
My brother Taylor was suuuuper nice to help us today. He drove his truck and helped move all are stuff from fremont to San Jose!  What a trooper!

I hope you noticed the cute little lamb on top of the bookshelf. Its probably one of my favorite parts of cleaning out matt's room. Its his oldest toy. ahhh I cannot get enough of it!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jan 5

This is the cup-cake queen aka Rachel who happens to be my sister. Rachel made delish cupcakes and we decided to eat them cupcake wars style (with forks). How classy are we?

jan 4

Matt and I are the best cooks in the kitchen. Can you see how big that burger patty is?! Matt's a g.

Basically we learned from Gordon Ramsey that salt and pepper are the best seasoning for beef. He is right. Also he taught us that fresh meats and vegetables make the best meals. We love fresh meats.

Thanks chef.

january 3

yeah, rachel got an apple for christmas and hilarity ensued.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Jan 2

This photo was taken at a stop we made on the way home. The sign says calico ghost town. About 3 min after we left the trunk had mysteriously opened. I think it was a ghost...

Jan 1

This year one of my resolutions is to take a photo every day.  Eventually these photos will become a memory book of 2012 with one photo for everyday! Hope I make it!

Vegas baby!

Viva Las Vegas! no really.  When you're in Vegas you never sleep and everything is ca-razy. Not how I expected though. The crazy part was the constant LIGHTS! MUSIC! FOUNTAINS. Oh those wonderful fountains. I was so amazed by that Bellagio fountain show. I saw it three times. Mostly because it is free and twice was because we had good timing. We went with Matt's best buds for new years. They are like Matt's brothers. I think of them like family. One day those two went off and shot guns at this gun shop. When I saw the targets they brought back part of me regretted not going with them! I was, however glad that Matt and I got to spend so much time together. All four of us counted down on the strip with thousands of people and saw a long fireworks show at midnight. It was magic. The crowded streets back home? not so much magic. more like confused livestock.

By the end of the trip I was exhausted. I'm not used to so much fun jam packed into 4 days. I'm so glad I was invited.