Friday, January 13, 2012

Jan 12

January 12 was an awesome day. First of all my parents celebrated their 27th anniversary! How awesome is that?  Matt and I slept in and and then went to get my accutane but had some technical problems with the pharmacy. I was a frustrated lady while Matt kept making jokes and making me smile. After that we were going to go grocery shopping butttt we ended up using our gift card to outback instead! YUM. 
We then decided to use our gift card to see's as well and in the days that followed we destroyed that innocent box. After our Linner we went to My dear friend Sarah's house for some quality television (parks and rec, the office, and up all night) followed by one of my favorite games in the whole entire universe. 

Having a couples date with one of my best friends of middle school and high school was so fun. Finally getting to meet Eric in a setting other than our wedding or a big group was fantastic. Good choice sarah. I approve. I hate it when people say that. Like I was waiting for your approval all along? Get out of here! Anyways, the night was a blast and I hope we can get together during spring break.  (They go to school far far away).

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