Friday, June 1, 2012

Back to blogging land!


I'm pretty disappointed that my last entry says that I promise to upload photos tomorrow, especially considering it's been almost half a year.  My excuse? Accutane and my education. I am proud to announce that I have passed Music Theory 3a/b this semester and the rest of my classes too!

Here's an update on my life the last couple months. Tony the Tiger came to SJSU! Taylor brought me home on his motorcycle one day after school. That was awesome. I had Marilyn Monroe hair for the Opera.  Matt played in the orchestra and I sang in the choir for a joint concert at school. For Allens b-day and Tay's graduation we went to the A's baseball game and got to watch fireworks on the field after!

Last is a picture of my bike. So glad to finally bring it back to my real home! 

Let the summer blogging begin! 

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