Friday, June 22, 2012


When I was in middle school I was obsessed with the idea of my life being a musical. When people would ask me, "Do you like performing in musicals?" I'd say "My life is a musical." Yes, I was that kid; slightly pretentious with good intentions.
Now as I am getting older I'm realizing that my life is still a musical. It's amazing how talents and passions lead you to fun adventures. Currently my love of music has not only fueled my want for a college degree or two, but it has payed for it (along with generous help from my parents at the start). Teaching Piano and Voice has payed for more education on music. Without music I wouldn't have my dear husband. While we have some differing opinions on music, it keeps things exciting and we rarely run out of things to talk about.
Last week Matt and I went to John Adam's Nixon in China. It's a contemporary opera about (obviously) Nixon being in China. Contemporary opera is a lot like contemporary art. It's minimalist, quite distant, and without seeing the score it's hard to appreciate. Most of the time I can't stand it. I hate the idea of elitist art. Art should be understood by anyone, so as to spark interest and then the studying can begin. John Adams, however, can play to both audiences; those who want an educated elitist performance, and those who like music. It was quite a strange opera but I found my self wide-eyed looking over to matt to see if he just heard the same amazing chord that I heard.
Last night Matt text me at 5 asking if I wanted to go to the San Francisco Symphony. His bass coach for sfyo had extra ticket to Bluebeard's Castle. This by far was one of the strangest operas I have seen. Bluebeard's castle is necessarily an average opera. It's on stage with SFS, there are only two characters and its only a little over an hour. It's a pretty cool tale if you have the time to read about it.

As for future concerts, I'm really looking forward to The Magic Flute.

As for Free concerts, SFS has a free concert in the park AND they're playing Beethoven's 9th!!!

And much later in the year SF opera is has a free concert in the sf giants park each year. COUNT ME IN. Especially when they're going to be showing Rigoletto!

Any who, Matt's coaching at a weeklong music camp this week, I've been applying for a music teaching job plus still teaching my own students.

I can't be grateful enough for what doors music has opened. I can't wait for the day where I can share this knowledge with a classroom full of teenagers who don't want to listen to me. HA! If I can give what I have received then thats all that matters.

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  1. You guys are lucky to have music in common. What a great bond to share with your hubby.