Thursday, July 19, 2012

Feeling reflective

One day Matt and I were about to go grocery shopping. We both spotted a shelf turned on its side, right outside our apartments, with a FREE sign on it. I said something along the lines of I bet that would fit in our studio. We chuckled and went to the car. Matt hesitated to open his car door and said, "That really would go perfect in our place!" Mind you, this was a long time ago and I don't remember the specific dialogue. What I do remember is acting on that instinct and we both moved the shelf into our place. It fit perfectly and is much safer than the wall shelf that was left by the previous owner.
Was that shelf fitting so perfectly really a coincidence? I don't think so. Some days you are blessed with what you need. Some days I feel so grateful. We don't have a very big place, but the fact that we do have a place makes me so glad. A year ago getting an apartment felt impossible. To think, we haven't had a problem paying for rent or paying for my school. That is a blessing. It's so tempting to move away when I see rent half the size of ours but for apartments triple the size of ours. When school is done for me dec 2013 I bet we will move. Matt will get his masters while I work, and then we'll trade.

For now, we are blessed. I've never been this happy. Matt is so good to me. The more grateful I am the more content and patient I feel. I'm ready to start a full load in august along with my new music teaching job. I'm glad that new doors keep opening up!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

the laziest of days

I woke up today and declared it my laziest of summer days. I have no work, the laundry can be put off one more day, and I can do what ever I want. (I haven't even gotten out of my pjs!) I find myself today making lesson plans, re-writing/updating my music bio for my new jobs website, and answering parent emails from my private studio. I'll probably do some readings for my online class soon.
I've heard that what you do when you can do whatever you want defines who you are. I like that. That means I don't care much about my appearance, but I care for my studio and my education? Not always, but definitely today.

Btw, My garden is growing like crazy. Tis the season for zucchini! 

Looking forward to this  next week with my sister! I'll be looking for a new planner or notebook, any artwork that's cheap enough, and gifts if anything stands out. I loved it so much when Alison took me. I just can't wait to go and get inspired! 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Burri updates!

Bluebeards castle at SF, for free (for us). 
Sprinkles with Rachel! Chocolate peanut butter is my recommendation. Old school cupcake lovin'.

Recording session for Brent Heisinger's new arrangement of Gershwin Jazz standards. 

Fourth of July with my baby. 
Featuring some lady in the back who decided to photo-bomb us with her grimace.

The Outdoor premiere of Brent's piece! Glad the wind didn't blow away my music!

The start of my cute garden. So far we are growing oregano, peppers, squash, zucchini, and tomatoes! My hydrangeas aren't doin' so hot, probably because of the heat. 

My new shoes for my job interview!  I'm now a music teacher at San Jose Music Academy!
Thanks cute shoes. 

Matt and I , and Matt's dad went to visit Matt's grandma. We ate burgers at this park/community center in sunnyvale that literally has blue water. Apparently the blue kills the algae. Hope it doesn't kill these ducks!