Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First day of the semester.

Today was so fabulous, and there are so many reasons why! I think life was this fabulous before but accutane put a little veil over everything! Whats up with that?

1. Getting a souvenir from Japan courtesy of my choir buddy from last year. It was the sweetest thing to get on the first day back to school! Her Dad and brothers live in Japan and she lives with her mom here.  She is such an amazing piano player and I'm so blessed to know her. I love sweet tokens from people like this. The fact that she thought of me during the summer truly warms my heart.

2. I'll be singing in the chorus for the Andrea Bocelli concert in November at the HP Pavilion. I honestly don't listen to him BUT I'm way beyond excited to be his back-up singer. Well one of many back up singers but hey, this is awesome.

3. I learned how to make pie crust from scratch from my dear friend Alison's Mom. She made such a fancy, gourmet, dinner and it was quite inexpensive!

Here is her recipe

Take some flour, use 3/4 a stick of butter, add some water and a little salt. Mix it together until it forms like dough. put it in the fridge for 20 min, and then take it out to roll and then bake it.

THIS IS MY KIND OF RECIPE! The fact that all these fun things happened today really made the first day of school a breeze!

Friday, August 17, 2012

summer list updated!

First a List of Dates,

1. Bike to Sleepy Hollow and have a picnic while gazing upon all the zoo animals.
2. Get Sashimi from the Japanese Grocery store down the street...Sushi night!
3. Bike to the children's discovery Museum, have a picnic in the park out front.
4. Nixon In China (sf Opera)
5.Magic Flute (SF Opera a birthday gift from Matt and I's close friends Matt and Dave)
6.Beethovens 9th (SF Symphony) and we saw it for free! at stern grove they through a free concert series. That was so packed we sat slanted on a hill of rocks just to see this piece. Crazzy!
7. Watch Othello at home, maybe I'll make it an O night. with Oringina and Oregano, and Opium? naww
8. Go swimming somewhere, sometime.
9. Watch 5 seasons of the OC with him.three was enough!

Now things I really really really want to get done, on Me time
1. Plant a garden on my porch/find indoor plants too!
2. fix my sewing machine so I can use my old clothes and turn them into pillows!
3. Paint old frames and rearrange my current pictures
4. Bike AT LEAST 10 times this summer. So far I have 2 down. now its 7 down! three more to go!
5. Maybe Start a quilt with the craft group at relief society? sounds amazing!

Things coming up...
1. Becca's Baby shower (had work. ):
2.Wendy's Graduation Party(had work again ):
3. Sarah's Grad/her dads b-day party
4. My Social problems online Class  Got a B! One more down on my (what feels like) never-ending list to graduation
5.kay Hollands Funeral. ): so glad i went to this. I ended up playing prelude and postlude. It's great when talants can be used for something meaningful.

It was a big list that did not get completed. Sad sad day. ):

BUT what got done instead?

- We purchased a new mattress and our backs don't hurt any more!
-We fixed matts car's scratch and when I say we I mean he and his papa.
-We went to an A's game and watched the fireworks
-We got to see both of Matts buds who are in the Navy and Airforce.
-We got to see my uncle and meet his family. He lives in Germany once again for the Airforce and he had two kids that I had never even met.
- We ate peppers from my garden
-We found a new tv show or two on Netflix that we love!
- Matt got a student and advertized ferociously for his bass and guitar studio he's starting up!
- I quit taking my accutane, via drs orders, so my organs wouldn't fail. Most likely I'll have to start up again one day, but for now the break is amazing.
-We went to Fremonts art and wine festival and found the best sweet potato pie we've ever had.
- Best of all we celebrated our One Year anniversary!

It's been a fabulous summer!