Friday, August 17, 2012

summer list updated!

First a List of Dates,

1. Bike to Sleepy Hollow and have a picnic while gazing upon all the zoo animals.
2. Get Sashimi from the Japanese Grocery store down the street...Sushi night!
3. Bike to the children's discovery Museum, have a picnic in the park out front.
4. Nixon In China (sf Opera)
5.Magic Flute (SF Opera a birthday gift from Matt and I's close friends Matt and Dave)
6.Beethovens 9th (SF Symphony) and we saw it for free! at stern grove they through a free concert series. That was so packed we sat slanted on a hill of rocks just to see this piece. Crazzy!
7. Watch Othello at home, maybe I'll make it an O night. with Oringina and Oregano, and Opium? naww
8. Go swimming somewhere, sometime.
9. Watch 5 seasons of the OC with him.three was enough!

Now things I really really really want to get done, on Me time
1. Plant a garden on my porch/find indoor plants too!
2. fix my sewing machine so I can use my old clothes and turn them into pillows!
3. Paint old frames and rearrange my current pictures
4. Bike AT LEAST 10 times this summer. So far I have 2 down. now its 7 down! three more to go!
5. Maybe Start a quilt with the craft group at relief society? sounds amazing!

Things coming up...
1. Becca's Baby shower (had work. ):
2.Wendy's Graduation Party(had work again ):
3. Sarah's Grad/her dads b-day party
4. My Social problems online Class  Got a B! One more down on my (what feels like) never-ending list to graduation
5.kay Hollands Funeral. ): so glad i went to this. I ended up playing prelude and postlude. It's great when talants can be used for something meaningful.

It was a big list that did not get completed. Sad sad day. ):

BUT what got done instead?

- We purchased a new mattress and our backs don't hurt any more!
-We fixed matts car's scratch and when I say we I mean he and his papa.
-We went to an A's game and watched the fireworks
-We got to see both of Matts buds who are in the Navy and Airforce.
-We got to see my uncle and meet his family. He lives in Germany once again for the Airforce and he had two kids that I had never even met.
- We ate peppers from my garden
-We found a new tv show or two on Netflix that we love!
- Matt got a student and advertized ferociously for his bass and guitar studio he's starting up!
- I quit taking my accutane, via drs orders, so my organs wouldn't fail. Most likely I'll have to start up again one day, but for now the break is amazing.
-We went to Fremonts art and wine festival and found the best sweet potato pie we've ever had.
- Best of all we celebrated our One Year anniversary!

It's been a fabulous summer!

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  1. Two of my kids did fine with Accutane and the other had major problems. Glad you are getting a break from it!

    As for the rest, sounds like life is going well for you and the hubs.