Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Last day of the semester

Well this is awkward. I decided that my blog needed an update and when I go to see the last time I made an entry its called "The first day of the semester". It makes a lot of sense. This semester has been a bit overwhelming but never to the point of a breakdown. Everyday I had time to go to school, teach and then come home to do homework, and answer work emails. HA! what a life! At least I study something I love and Teach what I love too. Can't get better than that.

This semester was quite joyous with the addition of two free days for myself. I named wednesday work out day and made sure not to teach any lessons. I went to a Bootcamp class on campus that really kicked my butt. Fridays were no-work and no school day. Mostly this was when I did my required volunteer work for my Child development class. Or Matt and I would do laundry or dishes. But sometimes we would go on a long bike ride and those were my favorite Fridays.

I think one of the major highlights of this semester was thanksgiving week.

Tuesday- Free tickets to Peter Pan with Kathy Rigby
Thursday- ran (the whole time) a 5k with my voice teacher and choir director
Friday- Sang with Andrea Bocelli
Saturday- Went to SF Opera with my sweetheart to see Tosca! BALLER SEATS.

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  1. Pretty cool to sing with Bocelli!


    PS. I think I need boot camp myself. But I think it might kick my butt right into the grave... ;)