Tuesday, December 11, 2012

things I'm looking forward to

1. Rachel coming home
a. cookie making
b. les mis
c. just hanging out in real life instead of online
2. crafting
a. turning my christmas ornaments into fake flowers/with feathers and conducting batons (more on that later)
b. making an office supply box with toilet paper rolls and a shoe box
c. maybe attempt to use my sewing machine for once?
3. Re-decorating
a. moving matts karate trophies to a box (as per request)
b. getting the microwave a shelf so there is more space in the kitchen
c. re-organizing my side of the closet and under the bed
4. cleaning this little place
5. taking naps
6. taking polisci... maybe not looking forward to it so much...
7. Bike rides!
8. hikes!
9. running another 5k on new years with my sister (older one who is married to taylor).
10. Getting my hair died to match my roots! woot!

1 comment:

  1. Love your a, b and c action on that list...