Tuesday, February 26, 2013

middle of the hourglass

My choir director Dr Benson referred to this time in the semester as the middle of the hour glass. it feels as though the sand isn't moving at all. But it is! and there is definite progress!

This semester is almost my last, and it has been moving constantly. I have 17 units, which is nothing new, but  I don't have much time for socializing or relaxing. I spend extra time working out or practicing for my senior recital. I go to school, work out, practice go to another class, go to work, come home- do homework and be with my sweet husband. Matt really has taken on alot  most of the home responsibilities. What a keeper that man is!

My recital is coming up on April 14 and my hearing date is scheduled for march 19. There are so many projects to do and places to go, but I have to complete my intended goal of getting this degree. I know it will pay off in the end....but being in the middle of the hour glass isn't helping!

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