Saturday, April 27, 2013

The day we saved a puppy

It's time for some real talk. Downtown San Jose has something called the San Jose Special. No it's not some fancy burrito, or an act of violence. It's a nickname given to chihuahua-terrier mixes. These are the cutest dogs I have seen in my life. For some reason they are abandoned and left in the city. It's heartbreaking and irresponsible.   

Matt and I were sitting on our porch talking and this little beauty wandered over to our stoop  really just our door step. He started barking at us and I could tell he was scared. (I have been watching a lot of Dog Whisperer lately and I realized I had become caesar incarnate). we got him to trust us and suddenly he was our new best friend. 

So we did what anyone warm blooded person would do and called our landlord to see if we could keep him. 

and it was a positive no. poor little honey had no home. BUT the wonders of facebook provided us with leads on a home for him. 

After a long car ride and a check for a chip at the humane society (no chip) we brought him to a friend who said her mom would want to take him on! (her mom already named it barney even!)

So now Barney lives on the beach with a loving owner. 
Matt and I are still Dog Hungry and this little appetizer felt like an blessing in disguise. He was a ray of hope in a pretty stressful week. 

Moral of the story- adopt a pet, get your dogs spayed and neutered, God loves us. 

You choose. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

real life

I was talking to my grandma jeri a few weeks ago and I told her that once this recital was done I'd be back to a real life. She asked, "what's a real life?".
which got me thinking... What is a real life?

a real life is:
eating with your husband
exercising everyday
laughing with friends
relaxing in nature
having a set schedule for work

those are just a few. I missed all of that.
It's done!!! Once I've got the video I'll share a link on here along with some pictures. What a relief to be done! Now on to real life.