Friday, May 24, 2013

Good Better Best

I love making lists, but I have a bad habit of creating the list and organizing my thoughts and then NOT following through. I read all kinds of blogs on how to prioritize and keep motivated but one way or another I seem to let the 'good' things get in the way of the 'best' things.

This talk sums that concept up for me.

I need to be a supportive wife; a more understanding listener. Rachel told me about a quote she heard that went something like, "Don't listen to respond, listen to understand."

I need to pass my classes this summer. Taking an online philosophy class and a three day a week public speaking class should be completely in my grasp.

This summer I want to gain control over my body. (Notice I used the word gain and not loose)

I want to finish the couch to 10k program (awesome free app) this summer. It's 14 weeks, and I've got the time.

I want to learn to water color. 

I want to play my ukelele.

I want to read my scriptures.

Today I ran and I ate like a champ! My class starts in a week, so excuse me while I learn to water color as I listen to my sweetheart practice. One step at a time.

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  1. Yep, exactly. I think I'm going to sign on with your program...