Saturday, May 25, 2013

How to live in an itty bitty living space!

When Matt and I made the leap to get married in 2011, we had the hardest time finding a place to live. The bay area is one of the most expensive places in the world to live but we both needed to finish school at SJSU. At the time Matt was working at Chipotle and taking gigs and I was traveling teaching piano, voice and had just started teaching from my parents house. It seemed impossible to find a place to live.  We looked at backyard cottages, indoor apartments, trailers, you name it. We applied to many and kept getting rejected because of our work situations. We didn't make triple rent, we only made double.  ): We finally found a place that accepted us and it had hardwood floors!!! It was our little studio we live in now. I never thought I could live in a studio but we have survived and thrived here for almost 2 years.
Many people walk into our place and say, "How do you fit your life in this tiny space?" or "Two people live here?". These comments made me decide to start the series How to live in an itty bitty living  space.

1. Get light colored curtains to let in lots of natural light. (neutral bedding doesn't hurt either).
We started off with dark red curtains to go along with our really busy zebra striped comforter. Dark curtains block out the light, and light makes you happy, and wake up easier. So last year we ditched the dark ones and got some really plain neutral colored curtains. It literally immediately changed the mood in our space.

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