Friday, June 7, 2013

Old things that are new to me!

What is a part of your perfect day?

Mine includes being with matt, new music, and being outside.

Feels like the last couple days have included some of those.

Yesterday Matt and I went to Alviso. The most gorgeous place in the world. I didn't bring my camera though because we ran! Matt ran with me! and when I say ran I really mean jogged, but it was still magical.  We came home made a pizza and then started a new tv series on netflix. except it's not new at all!
Yeah, It's been around forever but Matt and I only have netflix. We are obsessed. The twists and turns are so unexpected (like all good twists should be).

Yesterday I also got some new music (via the library). I found a band that I already knew I loved from mix cds friends have gotten me.

This is a fabulous CD if your looking for some summer music.

Don't you love discovering old things that are new to you?

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