Monday, July 29, 2013

Getting ready

Today matt and I are preparing for our long journey by doing the laundry, getting the car checked, and printing maps for a trip binder (incase the gps fails). Currently I'm at the laundry mat and with my matt. I have just discovered the blogger ap. Joy! Tomorrow I'm looking forward to my comfy black yoga pants, quality conversations, fastfood, and the pretty views. Nevada is a desert but the views are more like dessert. I want to take atleast one desolate indie picture there. Usually on trips like these I'm planning the car entertainment. But I've procrastinated and haven't done a thing to prepare for the trek. Tonight I may have to charge up my ipod and gather my favorite cds. By the way that last post I posted with the enormous picture of my face was an experiment to see how big original size would look on the blog. Concensus -Much too big. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

What I love about attending a concert/or musical all by myself.

1. My date is in the orchestra
So this happens all to often around here. I'm planning on hanging out with matt on the weekend, he gets a gig, so I just hang out on the way to work and back. (Granted I probably need to be better about texting friends to meet me at these events) How many people go with their spouse to work on a date?

2. There's only room for me to carpool.
Matts Bass is enormous. Most Basses are big but Matt's is huge. It fills two seats of his little car and then I squeeze in behind the driver. I just talk to him through the mirrors. People on the road always rubber neck trying to figure out if its a human body in the case.

3. The people I meet.
It seems every concert I am sat next to the sweetest, most out going people. It never really feels like I am alone. I always plan on reading my book during intermission, or before the concert, and then Voila the people next to are all interested in me. It's awesome. I don't count on it and it doesn't always happen that way, but in the theatre and orchestral world people are nice!

4. I'm a better listener
When I'm by myself I put on those listening ears I learned to use at SJSU. (no only I called them listening ears in college)I think about form, planing, harmony, themes, ostinatos, the key, the time signature, etc. All my years of music training really pay off right then.

5. I'm figuring out my taste
I sit through the whole concert/ show and create my own conclusions about the music and then when I get in the car, we have so much to talk about. He's had the benefit of playing it in rehearsals and I'm hearing it for the first time. This way my opinion is mine because that is what i heard sitting in the audience. this is making it easier for me to decide what I like and what I don't.

Monday, July 15, 2013

stoop living

This is us. On our stoop. Livin it up one day at a time.

These are going to be Cosmos. SO EXCITING. <3

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The fair!

the fair is a fair of schmorgasporg schmorgasporg. After the crowds are goneeee. Do you know that song from Charlottes Web? That movie was a definitely a fav in my house growing up. Last week Matt and I and some friends got to experience the fair this summer at the alameda county fair! woo hoo! 
 yes we had front row seats for the pig races.
 These sheep are crazy.
classic fair shot.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

being an orchestra widow

Most couples cant wait for friday or saturday night to hang out, go on a date, or just be together. I wait for friday mornings, wednesday nights, or maybe monday lunch. every week is different. And SOMETIMES on the rare occasion we are a normal couple who gets to go to dinner and movie on the weekend.
 Welcome to the world of being married to a musician. There is so much I could write about this. namely going to concerts by myself, learning how to have a conversation in the car with a double seat taking up most of the car space, working while matt's not working, waking up early when matt got home very late ETC. And while some of these might sound like complaining, most of them I enjoy or have learned to enjoy. the next few days I'll post a variety of orchestra widow (does that sound too morbid?) posts. First off lets talk about what I did today when Matt was a work. I started off with some weight lifting (that got boring quick), then turned to yoga (only lasted 15 minutes) and finally settled with facebook (only lasted 2-3 minutes) when I happened upon a status mentioning the obon festival. Less than a mile from my apartment there was a party on the street!

moral of the story? don't stay inside Jen, there's a whole world waiting. 

I'll be honest going to things like this would be far more magical with my sweetheart, but I'm learning how to fill my own life with good things. I ran into some of Matt's cousins there even!  what a small world. but really not so small. I love living downtown.