Saturday, July 13, 2013

being an orchestra widow

Most couples cant wait for friday or saturday night to hang out, go on a date, or just be together. I wait for friday mornings, wednesday nights, or maybe monday lunch. every week is different. And SOMETIMES on the rare occasion we are a normal couple who gets to go to dinner and movie on the weekend.
 Welcome to the world of being married to a musician. There is so much I could write about this. namely going to concerts by myself, learning how to have a conversation in the car with a double seat taking up most of the car space, working while matt's not working, waking up early when matt got home very late ETC. And while some of these might sound like complaining, most of them I enjoy or have learned to enjoy. the next few days I'll post a variety of orchestra widow (does that sound too morbid?) posts. First off lets talk about what I did today when Matt was a work. I started off with some weight lifting (that got boring quick), then turned to yoga (only lasted 15 minutes) and finally settled with facebook (only lasted 2-3 minutes) when I happened upon a status mentioning the obon festival. Less than a mile from my apartment there was a party on the street!

moral of the story? don't stay inside Jen, there's a whole world waiting. 

I'll be honest going to things like this would be far more magical with my sweetheart, but I'm learning how to fill my own life with good things. I ran into some of Matt's cousins there even!  what a small world. but really not so small. I love living downtown.

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  1. My sister's husband is a production designer in Hollywood and goes on location for five months at a time. Like you, she has learned to fill her time and make herself happy.

    And when he's there, she enjoys him all the more!