Monday, July 29, 2013

Getting ready

Today matt and I are preparing for our long journey by doing the laundry, getting the car checked, and printing maps for a trip binder (incase the gps fails). Currently I'm at the laundry mat and with my matt. I have just discovered the blogger ap. Joy! Tomorrow I'm looking forward to my comfy black yoga pants, quality conversations, fastfood, and the pretty views. Nevada is a desert but the views are more like dessert. I want to take atleast one desolate indie picture there. Usually on trips like these I'm planning the car entertainment. But I've procrastinated and haven't done a thing to prepare for the trek. Tonight I may have to charge up my ipod and gather my favorite cds. By the way that last post I posted with the enormous picture of my face was an experiment to see how big original size would look on the blog. Concensus -Much too big. 

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