Monday, September 23, 2013

update on my life.

Dear world,

If I haven't seen you in a while it's because I've been stuck at home doing homework.I was lucky enough to catch a break when Taylor invited me to come with him to oddball comedy fest and enjoy this.
 My older brother is the best.When you get older it's hard to spend time with your siblings. I know it will be even harder when we move. I'm just so grateful that I got to spend some quality time with that guy, especially on a week of homework woes (not to be confused with woo which is what the video talks about).

Any who, life has been taken over by my stupid GE classes and the homework is non-stop ridiculous. However, with the help of my sweet husband I've managed to stick to my diet.. transformation and still lost two pounds this week. I went on walks but really didn't have any hard core exercise. Which proves you really are what you eat. Seriously though, my husband is the best. He really helped out around the studio this week and kept things clean, made me dinner, folded and put away all the laundry, washed all the dishes (with no dishwasher this is a feat) invited me to go on walks and even gave me ideas for what to eat, listening to me complain, and over all helping me to stop being so stressed. I found a keeper.

All in all, I'm less stressed and more grateful. Now excuse me while I go do some more homework.



Sunday, September 15, 2013

the color run!

I did one of those color runs, finally, where they throw color on you as you run a 5k. My friends I signed up with originally, bailed so I ran the race the race myself until the last leg quarter mile of the run, where my friend linda showed up out of nowhere and ran the it with me! I dropped my old camera, and what you see above is my photo shoot at home post-race, pre-shower. 

After the race I took a little nap and was woken up by my sweetheart who actually liked my idea of froyo! (he is usually all about saying no to froyo). So we walked downtown in the beautiful sunshine and ate a ton of yogurt. We ran in to some anti-bullying concert in the park and watched that for a minute, and then walked home through the city.  Once home we decided on pizza and Men in Black for the rest of the night. I haven't eaten pizza in a while because of my chris powell life transformation (i hate saying diet) and i enjoyed every bite. But this morning I could see why pizza is cheat meal. I feel sluggish and i know its because of what I ate yesterday. All is well! I still ate  a good portion size and I have decided to finally start that 10k training. 

Matt and I have decided that on thanksgiving and christmas (overeating holidays), we want to make it a tradition to do something active together. (ie Last Thanksgiving- my first 5k) So this thanksgiving matt recommended a 17 mile bike loop he's wanted to try. I am all for it. For christmas I want to run that 10k. Instead of doing the race thing we're just gonna use technology and map it and time it ourselves. So now I've got 15 weeks to train. Merry Christmas to me! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What are tender mercies?

In my institute class this week we studied the tender mercies of the Lord. I've heard this phrase a lot on sundays, in scriptures and in talks but I never realized that there are tender mercies in my life everyday. What are tender mercies?

This talk explains it beautifully.

Today it was simple but it's like i could see Heavenly father looking down and winking,  and not in the teasing way but the way my mom would wink at me and say "I love ya." Those winks are the best. Tender mercies are those winks from Heavenly Father. Lately I've been more aware of these tender mercies.

I know my heavenly father is very aware that I want to get healthy, and exercise and eat well (I pray about it all the time). It sounds silly, but this has been a struggle for me in the past, and I really want to take care of my body. I feel like lately, he has been helping me make it possible. This morning I woke up and realized that I had very little time between school and work to finish the homework that needed to be done. I knew that my cycling class would have to be put off for today. That bummed me out significantly. But then miracles of miracle I get an email saying my 4 hour class is canceled later today.

Coincidence? No, that is a tender mercy of the Lord.

I know my Heavenly Father loves me.

Monday, September 9, 2013

7 ways my smart phone and the internet helped me loose 25 pounds.

"I will never been athletic."  I let myself believe this for too much of my life. I never ran very fast miles in school and I thought that meant I wasn't born with the right genes to run fast. What a terrible lie to believe!
The last year has been an incredible transformation of my lifestyle. A lot of this transformation was aided by the internet and my smart phone. Now that my smart phone is starving for batteries and won't stay on for more than 30 seconds I've downgraded to a normal working phone. My plan is up in October so I've got 3 weeks left of this smartphone void. My run this morning got me thinking about how much my smart phone and the internet have helped me loose weight and get healthy!
1.I had read a blog (making it lovely) that was talking about bucket lists, and when you get the chance to cross off something from your list, the blogger challenged you to go for it. One night I decided to make my bucket list and one of the the things I wrote was to run a 5k. NO WALKING. so the next morning when my voice teacher asked if I wanted to run the turkey trot with her, it had to be done.

2. This was when my teacher encouraged me to download the couch 2 5k ap on my phone and get running! It was great because I always felt like I was pushing myself, but the program takes it slow enough that I wasn't overwhelmed. 

3. Mile-a- day posts. If you click above these posts you can see a compilation of some of my #mileaday pictures I posted on instagram. I got this idea from ANOTHER BLOG (Elsie Blaha enJOY it) which reminds me- for all my mile a day cheerleaders I've taken a break and I don't currently have a smart phone, but I'll be back to doing mile a day soon.

4. One of my favorite websites/ aps is Map My Run I don't document runs like I could but i use it to map out my miles. When I have a smart phone again I'll be downloading this free very helpful ap once again.

5. Most recently the Tv Show Extreme Weight loss has made a major impact on me. I actually went and borrowed Chris Powells first book from the library. AMAZING. This was just the book I needed to encourage better eating habits.  I bought the newest one on Amazon and it is on its way!

6. I met Jenae from Hungry Runner Girl and talked to her like twice the whole time she lived in the bay area. Her blog is all about running. she is incredibly cheerful and motivating in real life as much as she is on her blog. So cool to meet a blogger like that!

7. Loose it! Another ap that is helpful. I didn't necessarily use it regularly but I did like the checking about how many calories I had burned with certain exercises.

Right now in my life I feel very athletic and strong and hope only to get stronger!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A quick check in

   I have so many photos i want to edit and share on here but i also have so much homework to do so I compromised and I'm just checking in. This semester is my very last semester at the SJSU. I am much more than a little excited to be done. Being a music major means that right from the beginning of your education you take music classes. And the music classes are limited and only offered at certain times. SO i had to put off taking Environmental Science since the start, along with Geography, and Geology.
   I thought this semester would be easy for some reason. But i am exhausted and overwhelmed. I don't have class on friday and took the day to do homework. I wasn't finished. I took 3 hours on Saturday to do more homework. Still not finished. After Church today I'll come home and do even more homework. Some of the Homework is actually do at 11:59 tonight.

   Thanks Technology. You don't even give me the option of staying up late.

   Any who I am thoroughly bummed about my school workload this semester. I'm only taking 14 units. I feel more than a little trapped.

   on a more positive note - Institute Book of Mormon class is the highlight of my week along with bootcamp, cycling, zumba, swimming, and walks. Next week I'm running one of those color 5ks. I haven't run long distance for a while, but i think with the rest of the cardio I'm doing I'll be just fine. I am also loosing weight on the Chris powell diet. Which is weirdly enough making me eat way more regularly than i'm used to and I'm not hungry on it.

   lastly I'll share some of the family photos i took this memorial day of my immediate family. I love taking photos and editing. I think I just found my new favorite hobby.