Monday, September 9, 2013

7 ways my smart phone and the internet helped me loose 25 pounds.

"I will never been athletic."  I let myself believe this for too much of my life. I never ran very fast miles in school and I thought that meant I wasn't born with the right genes to run fast. What a terrible lie to believe!
The last year has been an incredible transformation of my lifestyle. A lot of this transformation was aided by the internet and my smart phone. Now that my smart phone is starving for batteries and won't stay on for more than 30 seconds I've downgraded to a normal working phone. My plan is up in October so I've got 3 weeks left of this smartphone void. My run this morning got me thinking about how much my smart phone and the internet have helped me loose weight and get healthy!
1.I had read a blog (making it lovely) that was talking about bucket lists, and when you get the chance to cross off something from your list, the blogger challenged you to go for it. One night I decided to make my bucket list and one of the the things I wrote was to run a 5k. NO WALKING. so the next morning when my voice teacher asked if I wanted to run the turkey trot with her, it had to be done.

2. This was when my teacher encouraged me to download the couch 2 5k ap on my phone and get running! It was great because I always felt like I was pushing myself, but the program takes it slow enough that I wasn't overwhelmed. 

3. Mile-a- day posts. If you click above these posts you can see a compilation of some of my #mileaday pictures I posted on instagram. I got this idea from ANOTHER BLOG (Elsie Blaha enJOY it) which reminds me- for all my mile a day cheerleaders I've taken a break and I don't currently have a smart phone, but I'll be back to doing mile a day soon.

4. One of my favorite websites/ aps is Map My Run I don't document runs like I could but i use it to map out my miles. When I have a smart phone again I'll be downloading this free very helpful ap once again.

5. Most recently the Tv Show Extreme Weight loss has made a major impact on me. I actually went and borrowed Chris Powells first book from the library. AMAZING. This was just the book I needed to encourage better eating habits.  I bought the newest one on Amazon and it is on its way!

6. I met Jenae from Hungry Runner Girl and talked to her like twice the whole time she lived in the bay area. Her blog is all about running. she is incredibly cheerful and motivating in real life as much as she is on her blog. So cool to meet a blogger like that!

7. Loose it! Another ap that is helpful. I didn't necessarily use it regularly but I did like the checking about how many calories I had burned with certain exercises.

Right now in my life I feel very athletic and strong and hope only to get stronger!

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  1. Awesome, Jennifer! I too thought I was not athletic for the same reasons. Over the past 2 years I have taken up regular, vigorous exercise and it has been so good for the body, but most importantly the mind! Keep it up!