Sunday, September 8, 2013

A quick check in

   I have so many photos i want to edit and share on here but i also have so much homework to do so I compromised and I'm just checking in. This semester is my very last semester at the SJSU. I am much more than a little excited to be done. Being a music major means that right from the beginning of your education you take music classes. And the music classes are limited and only offered at certain times. SO i had to put off taking Environmental Science since the start, along with Geography, and Geology.
   I thought this semester would be easy for some reason. But i am exhausted and overwhelmed. I don't have class on friday and took the day to do homework. I wasn't finished. I took 3 hours on Saturday to do more homework. Still not finished. After Church today I'll come home and do even more homework. Some of the Homework is actually do at 11:59 tonight.

   Thanks Technology. You don't even give me the option of staying up late.

   Any who I am thoroughly bummed about my school workload this semester. I'm only taking 14 units. I feel more than a little trapped.

   on a more positive note - Institute Book of Mormon class is the highlight of my week along with bootcamp, cycling, zumba, swimming, and walks. Next week I'm running one of those color 5ks. I haven't run long distance for a while, but i think with the rest of the cardio I'm doing I'll be just fine. I am also loosing weight on the Chris powell diet. Which is weirdly enough making me eat way more regularly than i'm used to and I'm not hungry on it.

   lastly I'll share some of the family photos i took this memorial day of my immediate family. I love taking photos and editing. I think I just found my new favorite hobby.

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