Sunday, September 15, 2013

the color run!

I did one of those color runs, finally, where they throw color on you as you run a 5k. My friends I signed up with originally, bailed so I ran the race the race myself until the last leg quarter mile of the run, where my friend linda showed up out of nowhere and ran the it with me! I dropped my old camera, and what you see above is my photo shoot at home post-race, pre-shower. 

After the race I took a little nap and was woken up by my sweetheart who actually liked my idea of froyo! (he is usually all about saying no to froyo). So we walked downtown in the beautiful sunshine and ate a ton of yogurt. We ran in to some anti-bullying concert in the park and watched that for a minute, and then walked home through the city.  Once home we decided on pizza and Men in Black for the rest of the night. I haven't eaten pizza in a while because of my chris powell life transformation (i hate saying diet) and i enjoyed every bite. But this morning I could see why pizza is cheat meal. I feel sluggish and i know its because of what I ate yesterday. All is well! I still ate  a good portion size and I have decided to finally start that 10k training. 

Matt and I have decided that on thanksgiving and christmas (overeating holidays), we want to make it a tradition to do something active together. (ie Last Thanksgiving- my first 5k) So this thanksgiving matt recommended a 17 mile bike loop he's wanted to try. I am all for it. For christmas I want to run that 10k. Instead of doing the race thing we're just gonna use technology and map it and time it ourselves. So now I've got 15 weeks to train. Merry Christmas to me! 


  1. My DIL did this and had a ball.


    PS. Good idea to do something active on the holidays!

  2. Ooo where's the 17 mile bike loop? My boyfriend and I have recently started going on bike rides, so far the only true bike trail/loop we've done has been the los gatos creek trail...