Sunday, October 20, 2013

October: The greatest month of the year!

There are so many reasons to love October! (Including my birthday) Here are a five more!

1.This DELICIOUS pumpkin pie resses recipe my sweet friend introduced to me!

2.  I actually decorated in our studio!!! Low budget/minimalist class. 

3. We ended up at octoberfest by accident on my birthday! There were so many doxies. They had a doxie costume contest and a race! I was in Heaven.
I'm adoring these colors and the simplicity of the graphics. 

5. General Conference! Twice a year leadership from the church (including the prophet) give talks geared to all the of the members of the LDS church. This Talk and This Talk and This Talk have been on my mind lately. I love going back and listening to them again. They are so inspiring!