Monday, November 25, 2013

Being so very thankful.

 I'm getting to the home stretch of finishing college and Matt has been getting ready for grad school auditions. This combination has not been very fun. I am however, grateful for this education journey and very excited to see where we will go.
November is a prime time to think about gratitude. This year I decided to use facebook as a way to broadcast this gratitude. Every day this month I have said what I was thankful for. So since I haven't updated the blog lately here is a compilation of those posts.

Nov 1. I'm thankful for Heather Hall's Pumpkin chili, Rachel Graves's new years resolution advice, Matt Burri's breakfast making skills, and my fuzzy blanket.

Nov 2 I'm thankful for Emmie, bubbles, party party bang bang, and watching for airplanes at the park. Being an aunt is so fun.

Nov 3 I'm grateful for God's plan of happiness.

Nov 4. I'm thankful for my job. Teaching music is incredibly rewarding.
Nov 5. I'm grateful for a roof over my head and clean dishes!
Nov 6. I'm grateful for a husband who brings flowers home just because.
Nov 7 I'm grateful for my sisters who all happened to have dyed their hair red. Andrea Graves Rachel Graves Danielle Burri
Nov 8 I'm grateful for my camera.
Nov 9 I'm grateful for my students who work really hard to learn music! I'm so excited to see most of them perform today!!!
Nov 10 I'm grateful for my dad and salmon. He actually drove me to the salmon film festival in ft bragg.
Nov 11 I'm grateful for all my friends and family in the military! Thank you!
Nov 12 I'm thankful for the beautiful weather today and jim gaffigan's book "Dad is Fat".
Nov 13 I'm thankful for my education and for sjsu.
Nov 14 I'm grateful for fall. There is beauty in falling leaves and fresh starts.

Nov 15 I'm grateful for my brothers. They are some of my best friends!Taylor Graves Allen Graves
Nov 16 I'm thankful for lazy days and persimmons.
Nov 17 I'm thankful for our heater!
Nov 18 I'm thankful my parents paid for piano lessons all those years!
Nov 19 I'm thankful for the rain and these 1$ advent calendars at trader joes!
Nov 20 I'm thankful Matt Burri could meet for lunch today. I'm so glad I married that guy.
Nov 21 I'm thankful for girls night and cheese.
Nov 22 I'm thankful for food. Yum.
Nov 23 I'm grateful for andys pet shop which lets me pretend I own them.
Nov 24 I'm grateful for my mother- in-law and father-in-law. They are good people.
Nov 25 I'm grateful for the internet. 

What are you grateful for? 

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  1. Too many things to list here, but my family and the gospel top the list.
    (James Taylor is pretty far up there, too.)